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Dental plans are insurance policies for dental services and treatments. Many Americans today purchase a plan to avoid paying the high cost of dental care. There are many different insurance providers, each offering different types of coverage. The best plans usually cover 80% of Class II and III care and cover 100% of routine and preventative treatments, which are considered Class I also. Orthodontics are included in some plans, but not all. Some companies have separate orthodontic plans.

Dental Plans For All

There are dental plans for families, individuals, children only or employees. When they're purchased individually, the monthly fee, or premium payment, is paid directly to the insurance company. The same applies for child-only or family plans. However, if a plan is offered from an employer, the monthly payment is deducted from payroll. There is usually a discount for family or group plans, which is why it is always best to ask an employer about insurance before buying a personal policy. Not all employers offer good insurance for good prices, so research is the key to finding the best policy. Some companies are better suited for families, while others are best for individuals.

Dental Plans Tips

Unfortunately, there is no "best" dental insurance provider. Dental plans vary in inclusions, but people vary in the care they require. Some people have naturally strong and healthy teeth, while others are genetically prone to brittle enamel and gum disease. Those who have healthy teeth may find the basic care plans to be the most economical for their budget. Families who have kids who need braces, fillings and have a history of gum disease should consider a more extensive plan that offers provisions for Class II and III services. While comparing plans, always keep in mind that Class III services include general anesthesia and oral surgery, which may only have a 15%-20% coverage amount, even with a good policy.

Most dental plans are set up in a similar fashion. The policyholder either pays a percentage of the total dental bill or they pay a copay amount. There are also companies that offer reimbursement plans. Prices vary from one state to another and from one dentist to another. Not all dental insurance companies allow policyholders to see the dentist of their choice. There may be network-approved providers, which are the only specialists they're able to see in order to enjoy coverage or reimbursement. Most companies provide coverage or partial coverage for an annual cleaning and x-rays. From there, the coverage percentages vary, depending on the provider.

Last Updated: December 27, 2011

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