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Cigna Dental Plan - Trusted Review

Cigna dental plans offer a good variety of options for the individual or family. Dental coverage is only available to employees that carry health insurance with Cigna. Cigna has over 64,000 participating providers and offers six different dental plans. Depending on how often one visits the dentist and if the employer offers the plans, would determine which plan would benefit the individual the most. Cigna offers an HMO, PPO, EPO, traditional, advantage, and savings dental plan. Their website offers information about the different plan options and the savings. It is a very helpful site and is user friendly.

Cigna Dental Plan Review

A Cigna dental plan with an HMO, PPO, and EPO requires the individual to choose a dentist from the network and can have plan limitations. This could be a benefit if the dentist you currently see is in the network. With the traditional plan the individual or family member can choose any dentist they would prefer. Cigna advantage plan offers the employees to change dental plans anytime. The employee would not have to wait for the open enrollment time and can change the plan monthly. With the savings plan the procedure prices are a set contracted amount. The average savings for an individual is 35%. This plan option is the least expensive and is easy to use.

Cigna Dental Plan: Know The Facts

A Cigna dental plan is the smart choice. They offer different plans that would work for everyone. They have numerous providers to choose from. Cigna is a great insurance company offering great service. The website is helpful in deciding which plan is right for the individual. It has articles on maintaining dental health and other great links to read. Their customer service representatives stand by ready to answer any questions if it cannot be found on the website. Cigna is a top insurance provider offered by several employers. Having dental insurance and choosing the right plan just got easier with Cigna.

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